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    Your Brandbook – the future of brand management

    Your Brandbook is the future of cloud-based brand management. A must-have for creative studios and their clients. Manage all aspects of the brands you design and manage. Improve your productivity and save money. Inform and educate your clients and peers.


  • Kung Fu school Peng Ying Shui

    Kung fu school Peng Ying Shui

    Peng Ying Shui is my own Kung Fu school that I run with my best friend Jeroen Kroll. The name ‘Peng Ying Shui’ means ‘The powerful way of the water’. The anchient traditions, filosophy and classical trainingsmethods from the Chinese martial arts are the solid foundation of Peng Ying Shui. Kung Fu for us means passion, respect and tradition.


  • Vizited banner

    Vizited – your bookmarks made izi

    Vizited is the result of my personal frustration with never finding the bookmarks I need. I’m a knowledge driven person, and bookmark every little thing that inspires or interests me. So over the time I’ve collect thousands of bookmarks that need to be organized. From the people around me I hear very often that their bookmarks frustrate them and they’ve tried all the available solutions out there. So I came up with a solution called Vizited.


  • Stoere Binken Design banner

    Stoere Binken Design

    Stoere Binken Design is a design- and advertising agency for creative concepts, strategic marketing and corporate identity design. We create identities and transform these to a cutting edge market positioning. Everything we do revolves around brands and identities. High quality, powerfull, but most of all unique.


  • Characters Font Foundry

    Founded by me in 2004, Characters Font Foundry is a Dutch type foundry, designing and selling high quality retail-, bespoke-, custom- and logo typefaces.


Services What we do best

  • Creative Concepts

    Creative Holding is specialized in developing creative concepts, from start to finish. We have reliable business partners to facilitate every step of the process.

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  • Branding

    Creative Holding offers professional identity branding services. We have 20+ years of experience with international clients and markets.

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  • Corporate Typography

    Creative Holding is able to create custom typography as part of the branding services. We have extended experience creating affordable corporate typefaces.

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New website Stoere Binken Design

1 februari 2012

After 8 years we finally had the time to change our own website. After the original programmer fled with the source...

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Vizited.com – your bookmarks made izi!

14 april 2011

Collect the websites you like, stuff that inspires you, things that define who you are. Vizited saves your bookmarks as...

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Characters Font Foundry – Dutch typography to express yourself

14 april 2011

Founded by Rene Verkaart in 2004, Characters Font Foundry is an independent Dutch type foundry, designing retail- and...

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Dinner for Winner website live

10 april 2011

Dinner for Winner is a concept of my wife Gabriele Birnstein. We invite special people in our lives and spend quality...

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  • Mireile Caubo

    Rene did a great job advising and inspiring us to work on a brand new look and feel for Maastricht Sport/Geusseltbad. The custom made fonts he created for the sports departement are “moving” in several ways.
    – Thnx Rene!

    Mireille Caubo

    Marketing en Communicatie Advies Gemeente Maastricht

  • Tijdens onze eerste ontmoeting wist ik dat Rene de juiste persoon was voor onze opdracht. Zijn kennis op het gebied van letterfonts is enorm. Toch was dit niet een eenvoudige opdracht: het ontwikkelen van een letterfont (los schrift), met als doel kinderen te leren schrijven, is een andere discipline dan een letterfont die gebruikt wordt als drukletter. Rene is hier met een open mind ingestapt. Veel wederzijdse kennisoverdracht met onze auteur Corrie Smetsers en bedenker van het los schrift, heeft geresulteerd in een schitterend font (zie Schrijven in de basisschool).
    – Rene, jij bent iemand die ik aan iedereen van harte aanbeveel. De flexibiliteit, het inlevingsvermogen en de drang naar perfectie is jouw enorme meerwaarde.

    Maurice Perdon

    Uitgever zaakvakken

  • One of the most talented graphic designers in the Netherlands. His designs for my company won awards and were included in ‘Pi Books’ amongst many other publications.

    Stefan Robbers

    Music artist aka Acid Junkies, Terrace, Florence, Sierra Romeo

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