Characters Font Foundry

Characters Font Foundry

Founded by me in 2004, Characters Font Foundry is a Dutch type foundry, designing and selling high quality retail-, bespoke-, custom- and logo typefaces.

Characters Font Foundry website

Most of my typefaces originate in my holidays. Visiting new places in the world is a big inspiration for creating new typefaces.

Featured typefaces

Some of my typefaces are featured in magazines like Items (Netherlands) and Diseno (Spain). Have a look at my Flickr account where I’ve posted all the samples of my typefaces in use.

Available typefaces

Ballet Mechanique
Encrypted Wallpaper (FREE)
Insider (FREE)
Nantua (FREE)
Nantua Flava
Nordic A
Nordic Narrow
Reethi Rah
Savant (FREE)
SBD Block
Vagebond (FREE)

Custom Typefaces

Custom typefaces are taking the lead in corporate Brand Identities now more than ever. It is no longer exclusively available to large enterprises, but can be done at a smaller scale for medium sized companies too. Characters Font Foundry creates custom- and bespoke fonts that boost your Brand to a higher level so you can outrun your competition.

Have a look at the Custom Typefaces I’ve already created and read the case studies for interesting background information.

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