Peng Ying Shui

Kungfu Maastricht – Peng Ying Shui

Peng Ying Shui is my own Kung Fu school that I run with my best friend Jeroen Kroll. The name ‘Peng Ying Shui’ means ‘The powerful way of the water’. The anchient traditions, filosophy and classical trainingsmethods from the Chinese martial arts are the solid foundation of Peng Ying Shui. “Kung Fu for us means passion, respect and tradition.”

Kung Fu school Peng Ying Shui

Black belt

Both Jeroen Kroll and I started practising Kung Fu in 1995 and reached the black belt level in 2008. The martial arts school where we started training doesn’t exist anymore. Before they stopped training in 2004 we went solo and founded Peng Ying Shui. We absolutely love Kung Fu and we love to teach the next generation.

Kungfu Maastricht

We are located in Maastricht and have training days on mondays and wednesdays. Mondays we train with the complete school. Wednesdays are for black belts only.

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