Vizited – your bookmarks made izi

Vizited is the result of my personal frustration with never finding the bookmarks I need. I’m a knowledge driven person, and bookmark every little thing that inspires or interests me. So over the time I’ve collect thousands of bookmarks that need to be organized. From the people around me I hear very often that their bookmarks frustrate them and they’ve tried all the available solutions out there. So I came up with a solution called Vizited

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The big difference to other bookmark services and is that Vizited visually saves your bookmarks as and it keeps it really simple. What good does it do you when you loose yourself again in tagging, organizing and searching? With a clear and organized interface Vizited just makes it IZI for you.

Vizit your favourite websites

Collect the websites you like, stuff that inspires you, things that define who you are. Vizited saves your bookmarks as thumbnails so you’ll remember when you see it. All vizits are private by default so it’s up to you to share them.

Tag, describe and search

Add tags and your own personal description to organise your bookmarks. The tag cloud helps you to quickly find what you are looking for. The multi-tag search helps you narrowing down your bookmarks.

Share with your peer group

With your own personal url you can share a single website ór an entire collection … so get social. Connect to your friends, family or clients. Use your vizited url to reach out and send your message into the world.
This is how the personal url is built together:[your username]&tag=[fill in one of your tags]

UPDATE: Vizited had been discontinued in 2015.

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