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Stoere Binken Design banner

Stoere Binken Design bannerStoere Binken Design is a design- and advertising agency for creative concepts, strategic marketing and corporate identity design. We create identities and transform these to a cutting edge market positioning. Everything we do revolves around brands and identities. High quality, powerfull, but most of all different.

Rethinking Stoere Binken Design

After 8 years we finally had the time to change our own Flash website. Since the original programmer fled to an unknown country wíth the source files and left us with nothing, so we had to do everything new. This was the right time to rethink our presentation from the ground up. So we listened very carefully to the wishes and comments from our peers. Their main feature wishes were:

  • good case descriptions (check!)
  • large portfolio photos (check!)
  • see ús personally (check again!).

Yes, you’re reading it correctly, they wanted to see US.

So here is for you Stoere Binken Design 2.0. Enjoy!

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